BEGINNER BLUESDAY November 10th!!!

If you’ve ever wanted to bring your friends and co-workers into the West Coast Swing community, there is no better time than November 10th!  We here at central command (Stephanie) have decided to offer the very first ever, inaugural, principal, lead-off BEGINNER BLUESDAY!

Here’s the lowdown…we will be offering a FREE (O M G you mean FREE??!?!!) Beginner class as our Move of the Week lesson.  But wait, there’s more…there’s no additional cost (I know we said free already, but we’re trying to make this a really big deal) once you pay your $5 cover charge.  TELL EVERYONE!  This class is going to be geared to absolute beginners who have never had a WCS lesson before.  Our goal is to provide the least intimidating environment possible for anyone that might be on the fence yet wants to learn.  We hope that this will help us kick off the Holiday season and get some new blood involved in our community.  Class will be taught by Fearless Leader himself (who LOVES teaching beginners but never gets the chance) so you know it will be full of laughs as well as technique and good, solid FUNdamentals.  PLEASE NOTE – Generally the Move of the Week starts on bar time when we have enough bodies thru the door, but this one time we will be starting our BEGINNER lesson promptly at 7pm sharp! (That was straight from the department of repetition and redundancy office command center for over and over again administration)

By the way, we ABSOLUTELY encourage you to be a part of the class so that your friends aren’t out there by themselves…let em see a friendly face and what-not (Is there a hyphen in whatnot..what-not???)

As usual, the night will be filled with your favorite Blues, Soul, and R&B music.  If you like BB King, Al Green, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, etc. THIS is the place to be.

We encourage you to please help us spread the word about this first ever BEGINNER BLUESDAY.  We very much appreciate your help as we try to build up the Houston dance community.

DATE – November 10th, 2015
PLACE – Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar located @ 1031 E 24th St, Houston, TX 77009
TIME – 7pm sharp!
CLASS COST – We did mention it was FREE, ABSOLUTELY FREE