Hello FunDancers!  WE’RE BACK, BABY!!!  I am pleased to announce that Wednesday classes will offer THREE LEVELS of WCS!  Stephanie and I will be teaching the Advanced WCS class (please not the new time) and our very own Talia LaPushin will once again be teaching Beginner class at 7pm.  We’ve had to reorganize our lesson times in order to allow for some solid practice time after class, so here’s the scoop on our new setup…

7pm – Beginner class is the place to start and/or review.  This course covers the basic 6 and 8 count patterns and normally covers two 4-week sessions at a minimum.  Students are encouraged to stay at this level until Leader’s can lead and Follower’s can follow all patterns comfortably.  Class will be taught by Stephanie (Canada) Robau in January.  Talia (Sugarpush) LaPushin will take over the class starting in February after her amazing trip to Thailand.

7pm – Intermediate class is designed to expand on the fundamentals of WCS.  Offering heavy focus on technique as well as introducing styling and variation, This level also offers two 4-week sessions at a minimum.  However, Intermediate will have several unique movements each month to allow reinforcement of solid technique through fresh patterns. This is a structured class with variable patterns.  Intermediate will be taught by Mario  (Swingdaddy) Robau in January.  Stephanie will join the class starting in February.


8pm – Intermediate/Advanced class will bring you the cool stuff. Designed to build on the Intermediate level, this is the class that’s always had the biggest numbers.  Swingdaddy will be covering social versions of material he’s picked up from literally all over the world. Mario is the ONLY instructor in Houston that currently travels the WCS circuit across 4 continents to bring you the freshest SOCIAL DANCE material…and he’s been doing it for over 20 years.


Don’t forget we have a new home, Eddie’s Exclusive Dance Club located 2726 Fondren just south of Westheimer next to Luby’s.


IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THE ADVANCED CLASS YOU ARE WELCOME TO HELP OUT IN INTERMEDATE!  We’ve never been able to offer this as all classes were held at the same time.  Please understand that we will be covering Intermediate material during that hour, and we kindly ask that our advanced dancers help and encourage our newer dancers by dancing at their level and refraining from doing any back-flips/drops/aerials/crazy stuff during that hour.  Anyone caught violating this will be shot on site…it’s Texas…ok I’m kidding…maybe…!

Respectfully Submitted,
Fearless Leader